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Armand Dupuis

Founder of...

The Original Dietless Slimming


Armand Dupuis has been a Weight Loss Professional for over 40 Years, and Perfected The Original Dietless Slimming System back in 1996.

His Main Passion in Life Since 1955 has been…The Human Mind and Consciousness!

As a Life Coach... He has been Teaching Students to expand their Consciousness and

take Control of their Lives,  for almost Half a Century, and that’s what led him to

“Weight Control”, when his Students wanted to know how to use his

Teachings to control their weight permanently.

Teaching “what the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know”…

It’s All about Mind

over Platter!

Learn how to take “Complete Charge of Your Lifestyle”

the easy way, so that you don’t need them anymore.

With The Teachings you’ll understand

why “willpower” alone never works for making

Real Permanent Changes in Your Lifestyle.

 “Why You Fail at Weight Control” and…How to Succeed Today

You'll Also Discover...

 The 3 Secrets to

Easy Healthy

Permanent Weight Loss

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